Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I Won :-)

Hello folks, i entered Glitterysah's facebook competition and i won :-)

Look what arrived this morning. A package with pink prettyness inside.

I love the note written on the doily, how great is that?
One of Sah's cute purses, they come in all sorts of colours and patterns, this one has a cute little satin bow on the front and satin lining. The ever so generous Sah also gave me a note pad and coloured pencils (i think these would be a great thing for mum's to have in their handbags, emergency fun for kids, there are so many games you can play with just pencil and paper as well as drawing a wee piccy)
OH... Oh....oh what is this inside the purse?

A pink beaded necklace, a funky ring and a super cute bow hair clasp and a badge, i like badges:)

Thank you so much Sah.
For anyone who would like to see more handmade prettyness from Sah you could visit her website follow her on Facebook or stop by her Etsy Shop.