Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Journal Workshop

A while back the very lovely Vonnie owner of The Life Craft on Great Western Road Glasgow asked me if i would like to run a journal making workshop, I jumped at the chance of course!

The workshop was designed so that each person would make a hand stitched journal; making the covers, organising pages and stitching the book. A set of instructions were also included in the class, I find it helpful to have a reminder for the next time i want to try something after i have been to a workshop.

The first workshop was small just 2 people which was good not too overwhelming for the first one, gave me the chance to keep myself organised and make sure i didn't miss any steps.

All went well, the padded fabric covers turned out great.

Stitching almost done!

Just one more stitch...

And the books are done

Two happy customer and one relieved Lucy, just happy that everything went well and the results were so good and everyone was happy.

If you are in Glasgow and haven't been to The Life Craft yet it is well worth a visit, the staff are great, there is always good cake and if you happn to knit or crochet then the yarn ohhhhhhh the yarn.