Sunday, 21 June 2009

Made in The Shade

Yesterday i went to made in the shade craft fair in Glasgow with my sister Katy, it was in the Glasgow university Union.
We had a wander round the room looking at all the pretty things and there were lots of pretty things!
There was also a room with a bake sale and the stitch and bitch, this room also had a lucky dip when we got to it a girl had just paid for hers and was opening her bag. She pulled out some neon zips matching threads and what i think was a bag of sequins. Well that was it for me i couldn't get my £1 out of my purse fast enough!

This is what was in my first lucky dip...

There was also a sunglasses badge in this bag that was still on my jacket when i took this picture. I was so excited about these fantastic goodies that i had to have another....

How great is that!

After the goody bags we went back in to have a second look at some things,. The first thing i bought was a gorgeous piece of fabric from Showpony to match the purple goodies from the goody bag.

You can see show pony at

My next purchase was a bag from Natalie Farrell i just couldn't leave without it! I also have a Natalie Farrell purse which i love and use all the time, people always comment on it and I'm hoping the bag will be just as popular!

Natalie has an Etsy shop with lots of her gorgeous purses in it

We also bought a clock made from a record for our dad for fathers day, Katy bought a notebook and a button bracelet.
And i bought two more goody bags.

Whoever made the goody bags did a great job of matching colours. I can feel a day of purse and bag making coming on soon with all of these lovely coloured zips.
All the goodies from the bags together.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Your Journal, Competition

This competition was inspired by the UK Etsy Challenge from March 2009, the theme was red and Turquoise. I really enjoyed working to this random brief and using colour combinations I wouldn't normally choose, I made a hand bound journal that is now in my Etsy shop, you can see my book and all the other entries in the UK Etsy Challenge Flickr Group.

So your bit of the competition is to, in a few words, give a theme for a journal, this could be random words like pink, button, feather or a theme like sailor use your imagination.
Leave your ideas as a comment and a way for me to get in touch with you.
You can mail me an email at if you like.

How and what do you win?
One of the ideas will be drawn, that person will receive a book made in their theme.
A book in this theme will also go into the shop.
I can't wait to see your ideas and get to making one of them.
Good Luck!
You have untill July 11th to enter.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sent Swap Goodies

I just thought i would show you what i sent in the last secret swap. My swappee was the birch tree this is what she put as her likes and dislikes.

Don't need: jewellery, photos, art prints, bookmarks
Can't have: orange or associated (tangerine, etc) oils or the things themselves
Love: clothes, bath and beauty, toys safe for toddlers, notebooks, bags, toddler clothes

So this is what i sent..

I did a little bit of Flickr stalking, the birch tree has a little girl who's name begins with A, i thought that this would be nice to hang on her door or in her room!

I also made a mini hand bound book, the cover is padded and covered with pink gingham, there are eyelets on the front two plain round and one a flower. It is stitched with black cotton cord.

It just so happened that on the morning i was getting ready to parcel these up and go down to the post office i got a package, it was the bookmarks i had ordered, it was a sign! Before going to the PO i made a bookmark with beads to match the gingham and added this to the package (after taking more pics!)
you can see some of the other swap items in the flickr group.
I have decided to take on the responsibility of organising the next swap, not sure if i have bitten off a little more than i can chew with this but im giving it a go anyhow. I figure that i have been in a few swaps now and its only fair that someone else has a go at organising. Well we will see how this goes, i'll get back to you on that!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another Fantasitc Day

I have spent all of today outside, this morning in the front garden sitting on the steps stitching felt brooches together and trying to take photographs of the birds at the feeder. Every time i turned the camera on they flew away, the little birdies are a bit shy, the pigeons on the other hand are just plain cheeky!
I persevered and managed to snap these;

I couldn't believe how this one turned out.

I think that this one was trying to tell me that the seeds were getting low!

By lunch time there were some strange flowers appearing on the plants...

After lunch the sun had made it's way round to the back garden, i took my felt, threads and buttons out there so i could work at the table.

Thank goodness no one else wanted to come and share the table!
The more room I have the more I just spread myself out!

I did manage to get quite a few brooches sewn together between re-applying the sun cream, getting fresh water and realising i had got a little singed round the edges and going inside to find something not to warm to cover up with.

I have plenty still to stitch, i spent an age yesterday cutting them all out.

What a Fantastic Day!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

And The Winner Is......

I borrowed my dad and one of his hats to help with the draw.

Names in the hat.

With a little help from my dad The Winner is.....

it got a little out of focus there!

The winner is AMI DESIGNS

Thank you to everyone who entered there will be another competition coming soon.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Glorious days...

What glorious weather we are having, I have been for a walk, read a beading magazine in the garden and despite smothering myself in sun cream I'm still looking a little frazzled.

The blog giveaway is over I will put all the names in a hat and get someone to draw the winner for me tomorrow.

One more piece of news before I add another layer of sun cream and return to the garden. My local hairdresser Scissors in the City where i got my hair cut recently is now displaying a range of my hair accessories on her cash desk.

Hair accessories will be making an appearance on the website soon.