Monday, 21 February 2011

Button Love

Not just button Love but button and ribbon love and love for That Crafty Fish, the wonderful lady with the buttons. Not only does Kirsty Fish sell the most wonderful buttons and ribbons in her shop Big Fish, you can find Kirsty's hand crafted goodies in Paper Fish, That Crafty Fish blog is superb if you are not following it yet you should be a lady who loves craft, thrift, life, shopping and sharing it with the rest of the world. An excellent read.

I Love Buttons

A day of free shipping accross all of the Kirsty's shops was too good to pass up so i went shopping.

A little something for me a PaperFish goodie bag.

It was soooooooo good, i felt like i deserved a treat, why? Why not!

Cool bookmark went straight into the book i am reading Stephen Kings Full Dark No Stars.

I am having a bit of a rhubarb thing at the moment, Rhubarb colours that is. I like rhubarb too, it always reminds me of being at my grandparents house and getting rhubarb straight out of the garden and sugar to dip it in, my Granda used to grow the most excellent rhubarb i have ever tasted. I'm sure it was from somewhere special but i can't remember where! (just like me!)
So pink and green buttons and matching pink and green ribbons, they are further down the page.

Kirsty's Buttons are always great quality and you get a fantastic selection of styles, shapes and sizes.

I also got spotty buttons, i have had these before and they, are almost done, it took me a long time to start to use them though, i just liked them so much and didnt want to part with them. They come in so many pretty colours.

A bag of mixed buttons.

Buttons make me..........

Rhubarb coloured ribbons 10m 1m of each style.

and a bag of mixed ribbons, loving the rainbow.

And that was my big exciting crafty purchase, i cant wait to start using them.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Valentines at The Life Craft

The Life Craft Valentines market was on the 13th February. It was a fantastic day there were loads and loads of lovely goodies to be found on the stalls and scrummy cake from The Life Craft.

This was a little last minute for me and i had my other half helping me cut hearts out of comic pages from some vintage annuals so that i could make Valentine cards, I'm glad i did as the sold quite well. I also had him helping with some packaging for my new button packs, he's a wee gem, a tip for getting help from the man in your life Malteasers, chocolate or other favourite treat and work on a treat per task basis.

I didn't get the best photos, i made a classic error, i left the memory card in my computer and only had a 16mb card in the camera, you know one of those giant old ones. I have also missed someone out i am sorry, she was selling gorgeous ceramic jewellery, i don't know how i missed her table when taking the photos.

My table
New on my table this time were button packs in the basket, with lovely packaging! and Valentines cards with hearts cut from annuals, monopoly money and car manuals.

Prints by juliebee
Glass by Magartis

Resin jewellery by i love spoilt pig

Gorgeous knits cards and accessories by Julie of Frayed at the Edges

Some cute monkeys by Becky Designs

Beautiful textiles from Delphi Burling

Some fab jewellery from the 4th years from Glasgow School of Art Silversmithing.

And Konnie Kapow (and Mr Kapow who i don't have a photo of, how?) with fab cards and destashing some supplies thank you :)

It was a great day with superb music delicious cake, yummy lunch from Naked Soup round the corner (well worth a visit if you are in the area) and we were all well looked after the whole day by Claire and Vonnie.

Thank you Claire for organising and making it a really fun event.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Nintendo 3DS @ the Lighthouse Glasgow

I went to the pre launch event for the Nintendo 3DS at the light house on Saturday.

Took this out the window while waiting and realised how low the battery was in my camera :(

Got a pleasent surprise with some live action Street Fighter and Resident Evil, i couldn't take a pic in the Resident Evil one as i was in the first section of our group to go through this and i didn't know it was coming and by the time i had picked myself up off the floor after Chriss shouting 'EVERYBODY DOWN EVERYBODY DOWN' I had a zombie grabbing at my leg!

There was a room full of 3DSs' with a variety of games for everyone to have a go at, i was very impressed with the 3Dness.
Look there i am, just to prove i was actually there i got the girl to take a piccy of me playing it, i was the only one in pink!

The one that really got my attention was the Augmented Reality game with the cards that you put on the table it made me want to look over the 3DS to see if there were really things popping out of the table. I couldn't take photos of that, you cant see the 3D in a photo so they wouldn't let you take photos of the screen.
Definitely an afternoon well spent, cant wait to see what they do with it next after that little taster.

I took this on the way home, i just loved the way the cloud looked at the top of the hill through the buildings, had to pull over and get out of the car for this one, was lucky to find a space.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Catching Up

I have fallen behind a little with blogging my photographs, these are from Sunday the 6th Feb there have been more photos since then, i hope to get those on here tomorrow, i know you are thinking aye right Lucy, but now that i have said it it might happen.

The day started with lucy and katy going for a look round say no to plastic and granny would be proud vintage/craft fairs and then going for lunch in Oran Mor, the lunch was yummmmmmmy and very good value. We had chips and .........

haggis balls we also had nachos but by the time i got my camera out they were half eaten and the pic looked terrible.

After a delicious lunch we headed across the road to the botanical gardens where we had just missed another craft fair so we went into the Kibble Palace.
First stop there was the room with the carnivorous plants, i didn't see and venus fly traps but there were some other amazing plants and a spider.
I love the super macro on my camera, i think it might be my favourite thing about my
Fuji S602z.

Again with the super macro, look at the detail, the hairs look a bit like loads of rows of teeth just waiting for an unsuspecting insect. the colours are great, that might be because i am going through a bit of a green and pink rhubarb phase at the moment and these fit in nicely with that, i have just received an order of ribbon and buttons from Big Fish with a load of these colours in it, they are gorgeous, piccys of that soon .

I found this beautiful and a little erie at the same time, too many horror movies perhaps!

The next room had lots of these plants in different colours, these may be inspiring a new project!

the sign said they were called Aeonium, i know this because the sign was in one of the pictures, i would have never remembered that.

I say it again I Love Super Macro!

Tried to take a photograph of the gold fish, while trying to get a good photo i got a great sense of how amazing the brain and eyes are. The camera took a photo of the water the way it sees it, i couldn't get a good shot of the fish the way i could see them, i could focus in on the fish and not the reflection on the water and see the fish as clear as day (as clear as you could in that water) but the camer focused on it all!
Anyway, i really like this one, the colour and shapes of fish and the reflections look really good too.

The outside of the Kibble Palace, from the side.

We decided to walk home along the Kelvin walkway, seemed like the best option for more piccys.
Not sure what these ducks are, not the normal ducks i have seen in the past here!

These are the ducks i usually see, not these ones specifically but maybe a cousin!

Katy in the tunnel, you get a great echo in here but you cant catch that on camera.

Katy on a wall with another bridge in the background and a church, more of that in a moment.

Here we go this is the Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church.

Well i know that that was quite a few photos, i hope to bring you more tomorrow and catch up with the rest of the challenge so far. I have some fuzzy pics from the 3DS preview at the lighthouse and The Life Craft valentine craft fair.