Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tonights Tea Cozy Project

The tea cozy that nearly never was.
It all started when my sister Katy started drinking tea along with my mum and dad. I should probably inform you now that i don't drink tea, i really don't like it i find that it has a metaly taste, maby i have weird taste buds!
Anywhooo Katy started drinking tea and then my dad started to complain that he wasn't getting a refill so I decided to get them a new teapot for Christmas a really big one so they could all have a cup of tea and there would be plenty left for a top up. Although i don't drink tea i found a teapot that was ohhh so very me........ A Giant Cupcake.

Well once i bought a giant teapot i realised that the tea cozy wouldn't fit over it so off i went to get some cupcake fabric to make a tea cozy to match the teapot. Since Christmas the gorgeous teapot has had to get by wrapped in a teatowel, so sad.
I know it's more than 4 months late but look how cool it is. I am so happy with it, i had no pattern I just measured the teapot in all directions and winged itfrom there.

I added a nice mixture of buttons in co-ordinating colours, it is a shame i wont be using it as i really love it now that it is finished!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Crafty Cups / Kits

This is something i have been meaning to make for a long time, Craft Kits for a make it yourself craft experience. I wanted it to be something that kids, teens and adults would like, something for a rainy day to do together or just to make something nice for yourself.

Well here it is, if you are buying it online it will come in a bag and look like this:

It has everything you need to make 2 brooches, felt, stuffing, instructions, templates and......

a bag if bits; buttons, sequins, threads and brooch backs.

The kits come with two colours of felt for your brooches these will be random unless you have a preference.

If you are buying at a craft fair or market it will be a Crafty Cup (they look funky but not so letterbox friendly) they have exactly the same goodies inside.

I have a pyramid of cups all waiting to make their first appearance at the Dennistoun craft fair on Saturday.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter Treats Craft Workshop

My Easter Treats workshop at Mugdock Park offered a make and decorate a book day.
This is how we did it:
Collect a pile of paper for the inside of your book
Choose a patterned paper for the front fold those in half
Choose a ribbon to bind them together
Get holes punched in the spine
Thread your ribbon through and tie.
Then find a space round the decorating tables where you could find patterned papers, plain papers, paper punches to make shapes, pre punched shapes, monopoly money (which was a big hit) stickers, sequins, coloured foam, ribbon scissors and glue.

Get stuck in.

This was my first workshop and I wasn't sure what to expect, the weather was awful it was pouring with rain and i thought it might be quiet but the complete opposite happened, there were loads of people. It was a drop in and have a go event, it started off quite nice a few kids with their parents and then all of a sudden everyone arrived one after another and i thought i would have to send people away. the decorating tables were so full there was no room for anyone else to join in and then luckily a few people finished their books.

Then I had the awful thought that i might run out of materials, I didn't and the whole day was a huge success. I had a great time, the kids really seemed to enjoy it and all of the parents seemed happy. All of the creations were excellent, they really liked using the monopoly money!

These two boys who were some of the first to arrive and made great books.
This one has a really cool retro look
His big brother made a wonderful under the sea scene with some great hand cut details I was most impressed.
It was fantastic, crazy,messy fun, its a shame I didn't get a photo of how busy it was but I was there myself and i just didn't get the chance, but that's a good thing.

I am looking forward to the next workshop, just need to decide what to make next time, best get my thinking cap on.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

And The winner Is.........

Sorry this is a little late and i have kept you waiting.

I put all of the entries on post-it notes and put them in my hat and my glamorous assistant (my mum) drew the winner.

And the winner is Victoria Peat. Congratulations a strawberry is winging its way to you :)

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I haven't announced the winner yet because i have been having some computer problems and haven't been able to confirm all of the entries. the computer problems seem to be almost sorted out and i will announce the winner soon.