Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Secret Swap

What a super day I received my swap in the post today, from Kool Kooky Kreatures.

I got the jiffy bag open and inside i found 2 parcels wrapped in tissue all covered in butterflies, so pretty.
I decided to open the little one first, just as i pulled the tape off i seen a little Kitty keeking out at me, it was a kitty face brooch which i am sure will find its way onto one of my bags.

Filled with excitement i opened the next package as i look in i see a set of pink legs...

those pink legs belonged to a cute little needle felted bear, isn't she cute!
She is mostly pink with purple cheeks and pretty purple eyelashes. She has poseable arms and legs that have tiny pink buttons on them (i love buttons).
I think i will have to keep an eye on her, she has a look that she might get up to some mischief!
I haven't decided on a name for her yet, i need something that captures her mischievous look and her cuteness.
She has found a nice place for herself on my bookcase.

You can see everyone elses swap items in the uk handmade secret swaps group on flickr.

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