Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Me Me Me!

I ran out of pages in my note book so I had the task if making myself a new book, easy you might say as I make lots of book and journals, not so.
This book will probably last for bout 6 months and it will be with me most of the time so I need something that I will still love then and that will look good, using my work , i find is my best advert.

This is what i decided on.

I bought this fabric to make a tea cozy for the teapot I bought for the family for Christmas (the teapot is Cupcake shape) I really loved the fabric so i bought extra. (I still havn't made the tea cozy!)
I have made a lot of padded books recently and they feel really luxurious and you can always take a nap on it if you get tired.

At Christmas my sister and I have a tradition that we started a few years ago, we get each other pyjamas and give them to each other on Christmas Eve. My Christmas Eve PJ's were wrapped up an an absolutely scrummy piece of patent black wallpaper with raised embossed patterns as soon as i had unwrapped my present i knew that i had to reuse the paper, it is way to nice to put in the bin and this seemed like the best thing to do.

This is my new sales book.

I have used bright pink ribbon to stitch this book.

I think i might have to go on a wallpaper hunt and see what other little gems i can find!


  1. They're lovely! I'm still enjoying the Oriental one you made for me.

  2. Totally Gorgeous..love the black and pink !

  3. I have awarded you a 'Sunshine Award' to accept the award for display on your blog check www.fairyfinesse.blogspot.com

    fairy wishes x

  4. I really, really love these! But knowing me, I'd find them too pretty to use :)