Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tonights Tea Cozy Project

The tea cozy that nearly never was.
It all started when my sister Katy started drinking tea along with my mum and dad. I should probably inform you now that i don't drink tea, i really don't like it i find that it has a metaly taste, maby i have weird taste buds!
Anywhooo Katy started drinking tea and then my dad started to complain that he wasn't getting a refill so I decided to get them a new teapot for Christmas a really big one so they could all have a cup of tea and there would be plenty left for a top up. Although i don't drink tea i found a teapot that was ohhh so very me........ A Giant Cupcake.

Well once i bought a giant teapot i realised that the tea cozy wouldn't fit over it so off i went to get some cupcake fabric to make a tea cozy to match the teapot. Since Christmas the gorgeous teapot has had to get by wrapped in a teatowel, so sad.
I know it's more than 4 months late but look how cool it is. I am so happy with it, i had no pattern I just measured the teapot in all directions and winged itfrom there.

I added a nice mixture of buttons in co-ordinating colours, it is a shame i wont be using it as i really love it now that it is finished!

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