Saturday, 29 May 2010

Katy and Lucys Day Out

On Saturday afternoon my sister and I went for a walk, picked up a few bargains and had a bit of a picnic.
The first thing i bought was in a charity shop on Byres Road, it is a mini set of wooden shelves for displaying thimbles on, with a few alterations i think it will be perfect for displaying rings on at craft fairs. £3.00

The next thing that i found was a set of bed sheets in Glorious Clothing in Ruthven Lane just off Byres Road. I love the pattern on these and thought it would make some great bags if they don't end up on the bed! £10.00

They have a co-ordinating spotty pattern on the back and came with two matching pillow cases and a third not so matching pillow case that looks a lot like Cath kidston fabric, more on that next.

How cute is the postcard from Glorious Clothing!

Our picnic, in the botanic gardens we spread out one of the pillow cases to add touch of class to our park bench. Lunch consisted of poppy seed rolls, roule cheese, kabanos, olives and Irn Bru. Yummy :)
It started to rain while we were having lunch but we decided to finish our picnic anyway, a little rain never hurt anyone!

There was a book fair in the park on Saturday, we took a look at that after lunch and Katy got a few books.
We walked home via Great Western Road where we had a look in Caledonia Books, a second hand book shop. I found a couple of books filled with felt creatures and people, they are so cute lots of inspiration there. £6.00 amd £6.50

and I couldn't resist taking a photo of this shelf!

A great day, good food good company and a bit of a spending spree, what more could a girl want?

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  1. That is definitely Cath Kidston-esque, great find!