Saturday, 12 September 2009

Caffeine for the Creative Mind

After reading this flickr post i was inspired to by the book Caffeine for the Creative Mind, it is filled with 250 exercises to wake up your brain. The creative exercises cover design, writing, photography, problem solving, idea kindling and play.
I am going to try and do one exercise each day and keep you updated regularly on how its going. We will see how that goes!
I decided to use the book that I made at the retreat for the exercises, this will keep them all in one place and its a good enough reason for me to keep it for myself?
I started off with the project in the flickr post, i went for a walk with my camera and took lots of photographs of patterns.

The exercise really got me looking at things in a different way, i was surprised at the amount of different patterns on manhole covers. I did get a few funny looks when I was photographing these, crouching down on the pavement next to the main road but I don't care!

One of the other exercises i tried was dressing you brain i don't have a piccy of that one but if you want to try it yourself the brain templates are here:

While i was out i decided to do another exercise, take ten photographs of things that don't belong, it was supposed to be things around you but i think i will do that another day. I came across quite a few things that didn't belong! (and a few things when i got home when does a hula hoop ever belong on the back of the door, who has been feeding our cherry tree chocolate? and those mints aren't hot why are they arranged on that coaster?)

In this exercise i had to draw a squiggle/line with my "off" hand and then turn it into something sports related with the strong hand. I think it ended up tennis related because the tennis was on!

I still have today's to do so I'm off to make a list of thirty items you would find in a mad scientists lab!

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