Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Grand Day Out

On Wednesday i had a simply super day out with a very good friend of mine, we try to get together whenever we can to catch up. Our get togethers always include food, be it lunch or dinner and we always manage to fit cake in there somewhere!
We went to mugdock park for a walk, in the mud! it was a really nice afternoon but it had been raining heavily during the night, whats a little mud between friends!
The park was lovely and so was the sky, there were some really interesting clouds in the sky, i dont look up nearly enough!
There were some people out doing some archery (that does not sound correct! performing archery?) lets go with having archery lessons. I would love to have a go at this it looked really fun, i bet you have to have pretty strong arms though. I took loads of phtographs of the archers, trees and water.
We had a couple of great burgers in the cafe and some caramel shortcake to keep us going on the walk back to the car.

After the park we went to the west end I should probably mention where we are as that could be the west end of anywhere! We are in Glasgow.
Hunger had us again and we stopped in for some chips and garlic bread, then off for a bit of a charity shop cruise, no excellent bargains but you can't be lucky every day can you?
Before going back to the car we went to an ice cream shop calles 3 steps 2 heaven for some amazing ice cream.
Let me talk you through their amazing 3 steps:
1. choose 2 flavours of ice cream (i chose strawberry and coconut with chocolate drops)
they pop them on a marble slab and start to mix them together
2. choose 2 toppings (i chose hazlenut crunch and white discos, one of the big white chocolate discs with the multi coloured sprinkles.)
they mix this into your ice cream, put it in a tub
3. then choose a sauce (i chose strawberry)
sauce over your ice cream and voila! a huge tub of your own creation.
The nice young man serving me was kind enough to let me photograph and video him make my ice cream.

This was my first visit and it wont be the last, it was amazing, the shop is lovely and the service was great so if you find yourself in Glasgow's west end they are in Cresswell lane just off Byres Road, 3 steps 2 Heaven.
its my boyfriends birthday this mont so i think i will be taking him there for a birthday treat, shhhh dont tell!

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