Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Firework Surprise

This year for Guy Fawks night I went to the Fireworks display at Glasgow Green with Katy (my sister) and Karen (my friend) is has been years since i went to the park to watch the display so this felt like quite a treat. I love fireworks night, the smell of the smoke and fireworks, the foggy atmosphere and the noise. I remember going to the park to watch the fireworks as a kid with my Mum, Dad and Katy with a little bag of nuts and sweets left from my Halloween haul.
I remembered to take my camera but the battery died some time before the finale :( when i got home and took a look at the photos i was so surprised to find some really interesting shots.


  1. very pretty, some lovely abstract shots!

  2. awesome photos!!
    and i had no idea about that Craft link thingy - so thanks honey xx