Monday, 8 November 2010

Soda Stream

I am now the proud owner of a SodaStream :-) thanks to Vonnie of Blotted Copy Book. When I got the message to say I had won I was so excited, I remember friends of mine having Soda Stream machines when i was a kid and they seemed like loads of fun!
As soon as it arrived I had to get it open and have a go.

Here it is and.....

here is the first bottle and glass of juice.

I can confirm that using the Soda Stream is loads of fun, it is really satisfying pushing the button to make the bubbles, i had to have a look on the SodaStream website to see what other flavours there are and i think i will be going for the My Water flavour essence next time.

Thank you so much Vonnie.

Vonnie has a great shop, The Life Craft on Greatwestern Road in Glasgow, It is such a nice place with lovely staff. They sell gorgeous yarns and all things knitting and crochet related, they have super cake, great advice, a good bit of banter and hold all sorts of crafty classes and workshops.

and yes just in case you were wondering our coffee table looks like a tiger!

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