Thursday, 31 March 2011

Looking but not really Seeing!

Have you ever looked and something you see every day and then all of a sudden you really SEE it, noticing something that has been there all along, a little detail or something unusual that you just didn't quite notice before?

Well today just a little while ago i was having yet another late lunch, drinking a Bru and looking out of the front window where the sun has come out and is shining on the tenements on the other side of the street and i notice how nice the stone carvings look under the windows, the bright sun casting really nice shadows.


View from my front door.

Then i notice that the next window down has different carvings and the next different again.
I have lived in the street for 21 years since i was 8, i know that there are carvings under the windows they have always been there but i don't think that i ever really looked at them (if i noticed before i don't remember noticing!)
I have waked passed these and looked at them out of the living room window almost every day of my life!

The only sensible thing to do was to go out with my camera and have a look at all of the different designs and take photographs.
(Clicking on the pictures will give you a large view)


This one on the corner has been replaced at some point and has no carvings any more.


What I find interesting is that it is the kind of thing that I might notice when in an unfamiliar place, on holiday or visiting somewhere new, I have holiday photos of interesting fences, doorknobs, doors and lampposts but I have missed a lovely detail in my own street.

Funny, something that i see every day that has always been there, part of the landscape of my everyday life and one day a little detail pops out and i really see it. It makes me wonder what other surprises there are.

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