Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another Fantasitc Day

I have spent all of today outside, this morning in the front garden sitting on the steps stitching felt brooches together and trying to take photographs of the birds at the feeder. Every time i turned the camera on they flew away, the little birdies are a bit shy, the pigeons on the other hand are just plain cheeky!
I persevered and managed to snap these;

I couldn't believe how this one turned out.

I think that this one was trying to tell me that the seeds were getting low!

By lunch time there were some strange flowers appearing on the plants...

After lunch the sun had made it's way round to the back garden, i took my felt, threads and buttons out there so i could work at the table.

Thank goodness no one else wanted to come and share the table!
The more room I have the more I just spread myself out!

I did manage to get quite a few brooches sewn together between re-applying the sun cream, getting fresh water and realising i had got a little singed round the edges and going inside to find something not to warm to cover up with.

I have plenty still to stitch, i spent an age yesterday cutting them all out.

What a Fantastic Day!