Sunday, 21 June 2009

Made in The Shade

Yesterday i went to made in the shade craft fair in Glasgow with my sister Katy, it was in the Glasgow university Union.
We had a wander round the room looking at all the pretty things and there were lots of pretty things!
There was also a room with a bake sale and the stitch and bitch, this room also had a lucky dip when we got to it a girl had just paid for hers and was opening her bag. She pulled out some neon zips matching threads and what i think was a bag of sequins. Well that was it for me i couldn't get my £1 out of my purse fast enough!

This is what was in my first lucky dip...

There was also a sunglasses badge in this bag that was still on my jacket when i took this picture. I was so excited about these fantastic goodies that i had to have another....

How great is that!

After the goody bags we went back in to have a second look at some things,. The first thing i bought was a gorgeous piece of fabric from Showpony to match the purple goodies from the goody bag.

You can see show pony at

My next purchase was a bag from Natalie Farrell i just couldn't leave without it! I also have a Natalie Farrell purse which i love and use all the time, people always comment on it and I'm hoping the bag will be just as popular!

Natalie has an Etsy shop with lots of her gorgeous purses in it

We also bought a clock made from a record for our dad for fathers day, Katy bought a notebook and a button bracelet.
And i bought two more goody bags.

Whoever made the goody bags did a great job of matching colours. I can feel a day of purse and bag making coming on soon with all of these lovely coloured zips.
All the goodies from the bags together.

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  1. i love show pony's fabrics....didn't know she sold them! so beautiful....really want one of those cute purses with the bugs that hide behind the pleats...

    cheers for entering the comp - i'm offering double entry to any lovely bods who blog about my giveaway ;D