Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sent Swap Goodies

I just thought i would show you what i sent in the last secret swap. My swappee was the birch tree this is what she put as her likes and dislikes.

Don't need: jewellery, photos, art prints, bookmarks
Can't have: orange or associated (tangerine, etc) oils or the things themselves
Love: clothes, bath and beauty, toys safe for toddlers, notebooks, bags, toddler clothes

So this is what i sent..

I did a little bit of Flickr stalking, the birch tree has a little girl who's name begins with A, i thought that this would be nice to hang on her door or in her room!

I also made a mini hand bound book, the cover is padded and covered with pink gingham, there are eyelets on the front two plain round and one a flower. It is stitched with black cotton cord.

It just so happened that on the morning i was getting ready to parcel these up and go down to the post office i got a package, it was the bookmarks i had ordered, it was a sign! Before going to the PO i made a bookmark with beads to match the gingham and added this to the package (after taking more pics!)
you can see some of the other swap items in the flickr group.
I have decided to take on the responsibility of organising the next swap, not sure if i have bitten off a little more than i can chew with this but im giving it a go anyhow. I figure that i have been in a few swaps now and its only fair that someone else has a go at organising. Well we will see how this goes, i'll get back to you on that!!!

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