Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Nintendo 3DS @ the Lighthouse Glasgow

I went to the pre launch event for the Nintendo 3DS at the light house on Saturday.

Took this out the window while waiting and realised how low the battery was in my camera :(

Got a pleasent surprise with some live action Street Fighter and Resident Evil, i couldn't take a pic in the Resident Evil one as i was in the first section of our group to go through this and i didn't know it was coming and by the time i had picked myself up off the floor after Chriss shouting 'EVERYBODY DOWN EVERYBODY DOWN' I had a zombie grabbing at my leg!

There was a room full of 3DSs' with a variety of games for everyone to have a go at, i was very impressed with the 3Dness.
Look there i am, just to prove i was actually there i got the girl to take a piccy of me playing it, i was the only one in pink!

The one that really got my attention was the Augmented Reality game with the cards that you put on the table it made me want to look over the 3DS to see if there were really things popping out of the table. I couldn't take photos of that, you cant see the 3D in a photo so they wouldn't let you take photos of the screen.
Definitely an afternoon well spent, cant wait to see what they do with it next after that little taster.

I took this on the way home, i just loved the way the cloud looked at the top of the hill through the buildings, had to pull over and get out of the car for this one, was lucky to find a space.

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