Monday, 21 February 2011

Button Love

Not just button Love but button and ribbon love and love for That Crafty Fish, the wonderful lady with the buttons. Not only does Kirsty Fish sell the most wonderful buttons and ribbons in her shop Big Fish, you can find Kirsty's hand crafted goodies in Paper Fish, That Crafty Fish blog is superb if you are not following it yet you should be a lady who loves craft, thrift, life, shopping and sharing it with the rest of the world. An excellent read.

I Love Buttons

A day of free shipping accross all of the Kirsty's shops was too good to pass up so i went shopping.

A little something for me a PaperFish goodie bag.

It was soooooooo good, i felt like i deserved a treat, why? Why not!

Cool bookmark went straight into the book i am reading Stephen Kings Full Dark No Stars.

I am having a bit of a rhubarb thing at the moment, Rhubarb colours that is. I like rhubarb too, it always reminds me of being at my grandparents house and getting rhubarb straight out of the garden and sugar to dip it in, my Granda used to grow the most excellent rhubarb i have ever tasted. I'm sure it was from somewhere special but i can't remember where! (just like me!)
So pink and green buttons and matching pink and green ribbons, they are further down the page.

Kirsty's Buttons are always great quality and you get a fantastic selection of styles, shapes and sizes.

I also got spotty buttons, i have had these before and they, are almost done, it took me a long time to start to use them though, i just liked them so much and didnt want to part with them. They come in so many pretty colours.

A bag of mixed buttons.

Buttons make me..........

Rhubarb coloured ribbons 10m 1m of each style.

and a bag of mixed ribbons, loving the rainbow.

And that was my big exciting crafty purchase, i cant wait to start using them.

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