Sunday, 6 February 2011

M is for Monthly Challenge

After seeing this M i think i may now have to look for an O, N, T and H.

A great way to start the day Breakfast Pie, leftover apple and blackberry pie form desert the night before, yummy. It looked so yummy i thought it deserved to be photographed, i did have to have a piece before getting my camera, i'm sure you understand.

Yesterday after having lunch with a friend i decided to walk home, having my cameras with me for the challenge i thought it might be a good idea! The batteries died in my big camera as soon as i turned it on so, on to my pocket camera, its not so good at taking photos in the dark, i got some interesting shots though.

I love these i think they are great.

I think my favourite of the day.

I really like these two, i was having a bit of a mess around with the camera settings, with my pocket camera i usually just point and shoot but night time just doesn't agree with it!

Seeing spots.

These are on the bases for the giant flowers and glow bright red.

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