Sunday, 20 February 2011

Valentines at The Life Craft

The Life Craft Valentines market was on the 13th February. It was a fantastic day there were loads and loads of lovely goodies to be found on the stalls and scrummy cake from The Life Craft.

This was a little last minute for me and i had my other half helping me cut hearts out of comic pages from some vintage annuals so that i could make Valentine cards, I'm glad i did as the sold quite well. I also had him helping with some packaging for my new button packs, he's a wee gem, a tip for getting help from the man in your life Malteasers, chocolate or other favourite treat and work on a treat per task basis.

I didn't get the best photos, i made a classic error, i left the memory card in my computer and only had a 16mb card in the camera, you know one of those giant old ones. I have also missed someone out i am sorry, she was selling gorgeous ceramic jewellery, i don't know how i missed her table when taking the photos.

My table
New on my table this time were button packs in the basket, with lovely packaging! and Valentines cards with hearts cut from annuals, monopoly money and car manuals.

Prints by juliebee
Glass by Magartis

Resin jewellery by i love spoilt pig

Gorgeous knits cards and accessories by Julie of Frayed at the Edges

Some cute monkeys by Becky Designs

Beautiful textiles from Delphi Burling

Some fab jewellery from the 4th years from Glasgow School of Art Silversmithing.

And Konnie Kapow (and Mr Kapow who i don't have a photo of, how?) with fab cards and destashing some supplies thank you :)

It was a great day with superb music delicious cake, yummy lunch from Naked Soup round the corner (well worth a visit if you are in the area) and we were all well looked after the whole day by Claire and Vonnie.

Thank you Claire for organising and making it a really fun event.

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  1. Wow, it looks fab! Everyone's stall and products look gorgeous, sad I missed this day but lovely to see the pics, thanks for sharing ma dear! :) x