Wednesday, 2 February 2011

One Month Challenge

I have decided to take on a one month challenge. What is my challenge? I will be taking my camera everywhere with me in the hope to catch those 'I wish I had my camera with me' moments. Why am i doing this? well my sister Katy decided to set herself this as a One Month Project for January, to fill an album and to learn more. I really liked the idea so now i have set myself the challenge of doing one too. I will be sharing my progress here on my blog, i will also be posting my photos on Flickr and some to facebook.

Today had been the first day i have really been out and about, here are today's photos...

It was a miserable wet, very wet day today but i still got some good images, i think!

This is the roof of the theatre at Mugdock country park and the roofs of some of the buildings round the courtyard.

I really like this shot....

and this one too.

This was my favourite piccy of the day, it was what this challenge is all about. As we left the park today, just as we were about to go through the door i noticed something on the bottom of the door, a little birdie was clinging to the bottom of the door. It let me get really close to it, it may have been tired or stressed that it had found itself inside! But i was so happy that i had my camera with me, i got such a close up. Challenge working!

These photos are all unedited

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